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G-SIL offers a wide range of educational trips to France in collaboration with CMEF, Monaco, FRANCE. A beautiful destination in south of France,  an organisation that organises different stay programmes for the international students learning French

A beautiful destination in
south of France,  an organisation that organises different stay programmes for the international students learning French. The main objective of organising these educational trips is to broaden the students' vision beyond horizon besides having momentous cultural exchange.

We offer different programmes such as:
1  International Summer Programme for teenagers (13-17)
2  School Groups Programme (A tailor made programme as per your interests and budget)
3  Cultural trips for students

The essence of these programmes is 'Stay and Learn'.During these programmes,  the host organisation provides intercultural learning opportunities to the students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding through French lessons,  excursions, evening cultural activities and helps to create an ambience of peace by sharing their experiences with international young students.

International summer programme Teenagers  13 / 17 years old Summer  2015
This programme is organised for teenagers during the summer period, aged between 13 and 17 years old and coming from around the world. Between mid-June and the end of August, the Centre accommodates about 500 teenagers - a limited number which allows us to pay special attention to each and every student. The programme favours intercultural exchanges between young people.


A global educational concept
1  Learn French at your own pace and depending on the needs of the students.
2  Choose from a variety of sports or cultural activities in the afternoon and various forms of entertainment in the evening.
3  Sharing room with young people from other countries, respecting safety regulations and the rules of living amongst others.
4 The international context of our programme is providing the opportunity for teenagers to meet other international students, encourages open-mindedness and prepares adolescents for the future.
5 All the French lessons are compulsory, as is Saturday's weekly excursion.
6 All evening and afternoon activities are optional in order for students to benefit from their independence. Nevertheless, the team
leaders' role is to encourage the students to take part in a maximum number of activities.

A quality of service and friendly supervision
There are four teams of staff working together in order ensure a quality of service.At the height of the summer season, a total of
50 people work at the campus with a maximum of 170 teenagers.

1 The reception team welcomes, informs and advises teenagers, from 8am to 12.30 pm and from 2pm to 7pm.
2  Qualified staff is on site 24 hours a day. They handle all transfers to and from the centre as well as organising cultural and sports activities in the evening and supervise the dormitories, ensuring the well-being of the students.
3 Working alongside the course leaders is our small security team, which controls access to us around the clock.Course leader to
child ratio: 1:9 or 1:10 (French Government standard: 1:12) All teachers are graduates in the teaching of French as a foreign language. Their lessons are not only beneficial but also enjoyable for teenagers.
4  Our team of housekeepers looks after the practical side of the campus: they manage the cafeteria and meal preparation, they clean the bedrooms and they maintain the overall cleanliness of the centre, not forgetting the upkeep of our fabulous garden of 3 hectares. This international summer programme lasts for about 2 weeks and would cost around Rs. 2,07,000/- per student.

For School Groups
These programmes are organised for the school students coming from around the world. There are two stays mentioned below:
Sample of stay # 1 – transport fees on site included – for a group of 30 students and 2 teachers:
4 nights and 5 days, full board
+ French courses : 16 hours (2 level groups)
+ Evening activities
+ For every 15 students, one teacher is permitted free of charge. This stay would cost around Rs. 98,000/- per student.

Sample of stay # 2 – transport fees on site included regarding
5 nights and 6 days, full board
+ French courses : 16 hours (2 level groups)
+ Evening activities
+ Private bus tours
This stay would cost around Rs. 1, 07,000/- per student.

Outline the programme of your own trip
Your programme will be personalised and optimized accord of excursions and visits. We could also advice you in the pl

Cultural programmes
Plan your next school trip with us. Accommodation at the c (minimum of 3 nights)To plan your trip well all year round, for you: itineraries, hours, museums, events, local transport,

From Rs 4000/- per student /per day (excluding airfareand local transport) according to the program. It is possible to share evening activities with other international students.



TeachersG-SIL provides a complete training programs for the teachers. It also recruits the professionals in various schools, institutes and organisations.

StudentSpecial training for the school and college students. G-SIL also provides home tuitions for students, professionals and housewives. There are special batches for school students.

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