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As per immense increase in the number of jobs for the candidates with foreign language backgrounds, youngsters are opting their careers in the fields associated with foreign languages and culture.

In this interconnected network of different countries of the world, the knowledge of foreign languages facilitate better jobs whereas an experience without the sound knowledge of  a foreign language is not sufficient in and of itself, it should be combined with another subject area of extraordinary interest and variety.

As G-SIL is serving all its services at the best. At G-SIL we encourage our students, help them to boost their confidence level, provide a sound knowledge of foreign languages and also provide a distinct advantage  of placements to the candidates.
We realized that we should help our students with the recruitments in various sectors of international business and the industries dealing with foreign countries.

It is the goal of our institute to provide an opportunity to the students to work in reputed companies and schools.

We are associated with many renowned schools outside and within the city. There is a good scope in teaching of foreign languages in today's education system. Students who do not see themselves as teachers or who prefer some alternative arrangement for employment, we also provide good placement options to them such as translators and interpreters in MNCs and many more.

We safeguard both the welfare and the knowledge value of our students and decide their respective placements on individual basis to accommodate the deserving candidates with the best in the field of their own interest.

A candidate with an additional point of knowledge of foreign language in his resume multiplies the career options for him as the demand of candidates with a sound knowledge of different foreign languages is there virtually in each and every corner of the world.





TeachersG-SIL provides a complete training programs for the teachers. It also recruits the professionals in various schools, institutes and organisations.

StudentSpecial training for the school and college students. G-SIL also provides home tuitions for students, professionals and housewives. There are special batches for school students.

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